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Developed by Glennis Hobbs, ©2001

If the poetry muse is eluding you, change tactics. Try writing the concluding line of a poem first. Here are some ending lines for poems. Try them and have fun writing.

  1. I just forget that I was there!
  2. your journey had to end
  3. without hesitation, I would do it all again.
  4. and forgive the sins of my past
  5. and thatís how I made my first million
  6. his/her wealth is tied up in
  7. I come to my senses
  8. the evil spell is broken
  9. this place is my gateway to heaven
  10. and thatís what happened when my computer crashed
  11. thatís what my pet thinks of humans
  12. it was a pleasure to burn
  13. the clock struck thirteen
  14. we are alone here and we are dead
  15. just then my ghost (mood, barked - use a sound)
  16. the gusts of wind carried on their singing
  17. will he/she stay?
  18. __________ will be our future
  19. there are no poems now
  20. I donít give a damn
  21. I'll call you tomorrow, maybe
  22. I almost believe that
  23. nothing can substitute for God
  24. the future remains
  25. ____________ was the formula for success
  26. learn to say no
  27. a little knowledge was dangerous
  28. experience is a hard teacher
  29. if your dreams turn to dust... vacuum
  30. mistakes are a fact of life
  31. a friend is another self
  32. learn to live; remember death
  33. without the sun I'm silent
  34. I will always regret my silence
  35. Iíll put my trust in fate
  36. donít turn around
  37. I must walk away
  38. at least I won't have to answer the telephone
  39. to forget you, I must kill you
  40. I've travelled this road to nowhere
  41. I must forever make the best of a bad bargain
  42. Like ships passing in the night, we loved
  43. Tell me my life again
  44. Honour your heritage, but welcome the future

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